The Holy Grail

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Creating A Tool To Serve Our Clients

In our early days as a web agency, we were consistently stuck trying to figure out how we were going to serve our clients next. We knew we wanted to help the small and medium businesses, who trusted us with their websites, shout about their products and grow their revenue!

Filling Our Kanban Board

Once we created our initial tool, a very, very rough version of Hey Check It began powering the work and recommendations we worked with for clients. As we ran items through the Hey Check It engine, we found over and over that we could provide meaningful data to our clients, and gather a ton of work to build out powerful websites. We optimized a number of sites and continue to dogfood Hey Check It on every internal project.

The Dock

We released Hey Check It as an internal engine, something that held all of the data inside itself. After having a number of conversations with users, we found that no one wanted to go back and forth to scan their website. We introduced the Hey Check It dock so that any developer would be able to get right on their website and view stats in real time. This makes for a much better user experience for both developers and clients.

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