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Home construction and renovation is a competitive industry and, depending on the region, a seasonal one also. In an era when home renovation television has upended consumers’ expectations about their home design projects, however large or small, it can be quite difficult for local businesses to get traction in the market.

Joe Ritchie General Contractor ( is a Licensed General Contractor and owns a full-service design and build company just north of Philadelphia in Bensalem, PA; his company specializes in a range of projects for residential and commercial customers. The Joe Ritchie team understands the challenges present in a competitive industry in a seasonal, cutthroat market. The greater Philadelphia area is rich in real estate and has nearly unlimited market potential—a gold mine for businesses like Joe Ritchie’s. This serves only to increase competition.

The Problem

The Joe Ritchie company was struggling to be noticed in such a competitive market. They had only 5-7 visits to their website per day, on average, and had very few business referrals. Most site users stayed on the site for only a few seconds. A good website is invaluable for any company, but a good website that gets noticed is imperative to business success, particularly in an industry in such high demand.

A major part of Joe Ritchie’s struggle to establish an online presence included the fact that their website consisted of a single landing page with no call to action; the company was receiving a mere one or two calls per week as a result of their site’s information. Their content was not regularly updated and few, if any, high quality images of their work existed on their website. The combination of all of these factors produced an unfriendly disadvantage for search engine results.

In addition, the seasonal ebb and flow of the home renovation and construction business in Pennsylvania is a reality with harsh winters and frigid temperatures inhibiting business. A slow season with already low business led to a near death of the Joe Ritchie company.

What We Did

We got to work right away. We partnered with Engauge Analytics to do a full SEO scan of the current site and search history, and delved deep into the local SEO around their business services. We assisted Joe Ritchie through technical and design support to boost unique visitors to their website using the following strategies:

Multi-page Site

We updated the design of their website from a single, simple landing page to a multi-page, user-friendly design with fresh, high-quality images. We broke services up into individual domains and pages to provide fresh content that was friendly for users and search engines alike.

SEO Analysis and Adjustment

Our partnership with Engauge Analytics paid off big. We were able to do a full evaluation of the current ecosphere around the old Joe Ritchie site, as well as SEO around their specific services in their local area (Philadelphia and the surrounding northern suburbs). This lead to us adding relevant content to their site, focusing on direct services offered as well as SEO-focused, search-engine friendly content.

Clear Calls To Action

We incorporated multiple calls to action on each page of the website with a specific call to action on focused content, making it easy to drive specific leads for site visitors. This new opportunity lead to the door for digital leads, as well as increased phone leads.

The Results

The support offered from our team led to:

A 40-50x increase in unique website visits per week

A 10x increase in leads each week within just one month.

This is in addition to the crisp clean design, and a happy client (our ultimate goal)!

The increases in web presence and market exposure led to a natural increase in business for the Joe Ritchie company. They are no longer struggling to get their name out there, though the market is no less competitive.

A strategic focus on website design and SEO-focused content can help ensure a web presence and an increase in unique website visitors. The increase in business is a natural—and necessary—result.

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