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Get Discovered

Up to date SEO data on your site

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Get Faster

Identify your site speed blockages

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Get Notified

Site down? Find out ASAP

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Get Right

Identify accessibility improvements and get tips

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And More...

Custom notifications and useful tools


Let's Talk about Dog Food

Hey, Check It is a tool we've "dog fooded" for a while. As we would build a site, we would run it through a dozen or so apps, spread across the internet, just to make sure it was ok for the client. We finally started building this in to another app we had, but really only found ourselves using this tool instead of the app itself.

We started sharing the engine of our tool with a few clients, and they fell in love. We installed it on every site, and found ourselves checking the dashboard frequently.

Our goal at tripleNERDscore has always been to serve our clients and help create opportunity. Your website is your front door. Hey, Check It is here to help you figure out how to get as many people as possible to your door!

Your Website's Undiscovered Story

Get answers to the questions you've wondered all along.

Be Found on The Web!

Hey, Check It gives you pointed information on your site, and runs consistently daily, weekly, and monthly scans of your data. The goal is to point you and your clients to the changes you can make to boost traffic, make your site more readable and accessible, and make your online presence meaningful.

  • SEO scans
    SEO and Content Scanning

    Get numerous points of technical, on page, and off page SEO data, and full content scanning.

  • Sitespeed and accessibility
    Sitespeed Scanning

    Get specific data on why your site is slow, and pointed places on your site to address it.

  • Accessibility Updates and Scanning

    Meet WCAG standards by using our ongoing accessibility evaluation tools.


A Toolbox Full of Tools!

Get what you need in order to keep your site online, up to date, and optimized.

  • Uptime Monitoring

    We'll let you know when your site, or even a specific page, goes down, so you can jump on it.

  • SSL Monitoring

    Hey, Check It will keep an eye on your site SSL certificate and let you know when its about to expire.

  • Web Notifications

    Want to know when someone fills out a form? Clicks a button? Leaves a comment?

  • And More...

    We're always testing new, useful tools on the Tools tab, so check it out!

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